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The following courses have been approved as electives for the MENA undergraduate minor. For questions or specifics, please contact the MENA director.

Social Science Electives

ANTH 342 Archaeology of Egypt and the Near East
ANTH 429 Jewish Folklore & Ethnicity
CRES 410/510 Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
GEOG 209 Geography of the Middle East and North Africa
HC 421 The Israeli-Palestinian Relationship
HC 431 The Problem of Genocide and Mass Atrocity
HIST 120 Intro to Islamic Civilization
HIST 373 Shi’ism and Revolution
HIST 450/550 Iraq War 2003-2013
HIST 412 Topic: Alexander and Classical Greece
HIST 414 Topic: Roman Middle East
INTL 323 Islam & Global Forces
INTL 407/507 Militant Islam
INTL 407/507 The Arab Uprising
INTL 407/507 Political Economy of War and Conflict
INTL 423/523 Development and the Muslim World
JDST 340 Israel and Palestine
PS 199 Crisis in the Middle East
PS 399 Politics of North Africa
PS 399 Politics of the Middle East
PS 399 Nuclear Politics of the Middle East

Humanities Electives

ARB 301 Third Year Arabic
ARB 302 Third Year Arabic
ARB 303 Third Year Arabic
ARB 253 Introduction to Arabic Culture
ARB 353 Arab Cinema
ARB 431/531 Islamic Political Thought
ARB 410/510 Shiism
ARB 410/510 1001 Arabian Nights
ARCH 410/510 Character of the Middle Eastern City
ARCH 484/584 or IARC 484/584 Intermediate Design Studio
ARCH 601 or IARC 601 (Offered 2012-2015) Independent Studies (Istanbul, Turkey)
COLT 231 Literature and Human Rights (Michael Allen)
COLT 370 Comics, Colonialism and Images of Empire (Michael Allen)
COLT 461 Studies in Contemporary Theory: Colonialism and Postcolonial Theory (Michael Allen)
COLT 462 Cultural Intersections: Orientalism (Michael Allen)
COLT 470 Studies in Identity: Multiculturalism & Empire (Michael Allen)
HBRW 311 Biblical Hebrew
HBRW 312 Biblical Hebrew
HBRW 313 Biblical Hebrew
LING 331 African Languages
LING 407/507 African Languages (Prerequisites in place)
REL 102 World Religions: Near Eastern Traditions
REL 211 Early Judaism
REL 222 Introduction to the Bible I
REL 223 Introduction to the Bible II
REL 233 Introduction to Islam
REL 317 Jesus and the Gospels
REL 321 History of Christianity I: Ancient Christianities
REL 324 History of Eastern Christianity I
REL 325 History of Eastern Christianity II
REL 357 War, Terrorism & Religion
REL 410/510 Islamic Political Thought
REL 410/510 Islamic Law and Society
REL 418 Biblical Book (Revelation)
REL 424 Martyrdom in the Three Abrahamic Traditions
REL 426 Sex and Gender in Early Christianity
SPAN 407/507 Spanish Islamic Literature
TA 472/572 Arab American Theatre
TA 472/572 Middle Eastern Theatre


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