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Michael Allan, Comparative Literature

Nathanael Andrade, History

Judith Baskin, Judaic Studies

Diane Baxter, Anthropology, MENA director

Shaul Cohen, Geography

Rick Colby, Religious Studies

Jane Cramer, Political Science

Alex Dracobly, Political Science

Stephen Dueppen, Anthropology

Hanan Elsherif, Religious Studies

David Frank, Clark Honor’s College

Deborah Green, Judaic Studies

David Hollenberg, Religious Studies

Angela Joya, International Studies

Farhad Malekafzali, Political Science

Michael (Malek) Najjar, Theater Arts

Stephen Shoemaker, Religious Studies

Alison Snyder, Architecture

Priscilla Southwell, Political Science

David Wacks, Romance Languages

Anita Weiss, International Studies

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