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The Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) is home to a broad diversity of peoples and cultures and has an extremely significant place in the history of societies and cultures. It is also in the midst of grave instability and unrest, which has global consequences.

Undergraduate Program

The MENA minor is a broad examination of the Middle East and North Africa region. The minor requires a minimum of 24 credits and, additionally, a concentration: language study, study abroad, or research. The MENA minor is designed to offer flexibility so that students may focus on particular areas of interest while providing all students with an introduction to critical issues in the contemporary Middle East and North Africa.

Middle East/North African Studies (MENA) Minor Requirements

  • The minor in Middle East/North African Studies requires a minimum of 24 credits, at least 12 of which must be upper division.
  • A minimum of 16 credits must be taken in residence.
  • 20 credits must be taken for graded credit.
  • A maximum of 16 credits may overlap with a student’s major or other minor.
  • Courses applied to the minor must be passed with a grade of C- or P.

Students must complete each of the five following areas to earn the minor:

  1. ANTH 250 Introduction to Middle Eastern Studies (4.0 cr)
  2. One of the following courses (4.0 cr) :
    • GEOG 209 Geography of the Middle East,
    • INTL 423 Development of the Muslim World,
    • PS 199 Crisis in the Middle East,
    • COLT 231, 370, 461, or 470 (with Prof. Allan, and in consultation with MENA advisor)
  3. Social Science Electives from approved list (8.0 cr)
  4. Humanities Electives from approved list (8.0 cr)
  5. Area of Concentration: Choose one of the following in consultation with the MENA advisor:
The MENA Language Option is strongly encouraged for the minor, however, two other concentration options are available. 
  • Middle Eastern/North African Language (1 year proficiency minimum; second year language completion may fulfill the humanities electives requirement)
  • Study Abroad (8 credits; may fulfill the social science and/or humanities electives requirements)
  • Research Paper (4 credits; may be applied to the social science and/or humanities electives requirements)

Download the MENA Minor Requirements Planner here!

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